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Ignition Spares

NEW miller ignition contacts, As fitted to the Royal Enfield flying flea & some other engine makes, Note the adjustable bracket is handed & wont fit SOME other miller units which fit the opposite hand bracket, Always best to compare what you currently have to what you see here, £12.50 per set
NEW miller ignition contacts, As fitted to some velocette motor cycles & some other smaller bikes, these are opposite hand adjustable bracket to those shown in our other picture, Always best to compare what you currently have to what you see here, £12.50 per set

Spark Plug 18mm x 3/4" reach


Villiers points/condensor box assy completely reconditioned
new points and condensor fitted, thread repairs, Insulators
washers, sprung tin lube pad arm repaired
£35.50 Exchange
The springy tin lube pad arm is now available seperate along with 2 pop rivets for fixing £4.95
Lucas RS1 points


Just bought a used ignition coil ?

Some people have the illusion that buying 50/60 year old coils are a bargain, WRONG, most if not all around that age are full of rotten green copper wire no thicker than a human hair, If you test one with a multi meter & find a circuit through the windings it still doesnít mean it will function properly, some donít show a circuit & still make a spark, WHY?, because the current is jumping across a break in the windings & very soon that gap will widen after getting hot and the current wont jump anymore & the coil will fail, Also some will show a spark at a plug laying on the engine, but when you screw the plug in it wont spark under compression, the compression can stifle the spark if its weak.

Blown coil

Royal Enfield Flying flea, Ignition coil
Size 50mm(L)x38mm(H)x26mm(D) to fit lamanated core around 8mm x 18mm


Royal Enfield Flying flea points cover retaining arm
For use with MILLER unit not the wipac unit


Villiers M3113 sports coil, Mainly used on competition bike engines
Modern professional rewinds, sold strictly on an exchange basis
Payment + an old coil must be sent before a new item can be despatched


Villiers ignition coil code number M1634E or M2871D
7/16" pole diameter ends, Main body part 2.5" long


Villiers large ignition coil
9/16" pole diameter ends, Replaces older, M1013, 1030, 1910 & 459 coil


Villiers ignition coil code number M1361
7/16" pole diameter ends, 2" long main body part,







Villiers new electronic ignition unit for engine models, C12, MK15/2, MK12/2, MK10/2
Also replaces the S4839 stator unit seen in below pic far left re F12 & F15 engines
Can also replace the unit far right seen below, but another flywheel is required which we have stock
Also the above unit can replace all ign units found on any of the all ALLUMINIUM engines,
known as the LIGHT WEIGHT range 50, 75, 125, 150cc motors, Unit above left replaces unit above right


Villiers coil-condensor combined unit with points, Code number S4839
Complete unit NEW £65, or any part available seperatly
Coil £45.00, Points £12.50, suit later F12, F15

Villiers coil-condensor-points Unit, Code number S3399
Complete unit NEW £69, or any part available seperatly
Coil £45, Condensor £9.49, Points £12.50, Suit early F12, F15

The above units are not sold on a straight sale basis, If a customer wants a whole unit ? You must send us your old one for rebuild at set prices shown above, Or u can order any of the component parts separately, A standard piece of 5 mm HT lead at 1/2 a meter in length will be fitted to both above units or coils, If you require longer?, Please specify

Miller flywheel magneto, Brockhouse corgi MK1, Excelsior spryt engine MK1 ETC, Complete refurb by us, Rewound ignition coil, Condenser, & Points, Completely stripped & blast cleaned, £100, Complete units as shown are generally recon exchange only, But we can do your own unit assuming it doesn't have any bad damage, Rewound light coil comes at extra cost of £29.95 (If required?), or we can supply, Rewound Ign coil £60, (Exchange), Points £12.00, Condenser £9.00, Light coil £29.95 (Exchange), Any unit sent for complete refurb must be pretty much complete, An odd screw or washer missing isn't a problem, But some other parts are

Wipac SO551 coil £45, fits 9mm square laminate, supersedes villiers 25055 coil
Fits early F12, F15 units, wipac series 90 & 90a, and some jap engine ign units,older suffolks, Phelon units, and some others?
HT lead not included, add £1.00 for 1/2 mtre of 5mm lead

New Phelon Ign
Wipac S4913 / 4390 coil-condensor unit combined £45.00
fits 9mm square laminate
Fits some F12, F15 units, Some suffolks, and some others?
HT lead not included, add £1.00 for 1/2 mtre of 5mm lead

Villiers engine condensor part# M2262
Old jap part#, -X5342M


Lucas RS1
Points &


Points & condenser suit AJS, Matchless
250 or 350cc Lightweight
G2 G5 suit also BSA bantam D10 D14

Points £12.50, condenser £9.99

Villiers 25076
Barrel Condensor

Lucas SR1 points

M2722 Coil fits
4F, 31C, 2L, 9E
Wico contacts S2444, JAP, 2A, 2S, Model 3 & 4F, Some brock house spryt models
Early suffolk engines & some other models
These are original wico / wipac make, but with the added bonus of BRAND NEW tips fitted so no old corroded ones


Villiers older type points
fits on round brass mounting box

£14.25, stocks are low

Villiers style points,

£12.50, Decent stocks left

Villiers original made points, 25077/25075,
All sold, now unobtainable
see electronic alternative above re C12 engine etc
Villiers Original make points, M2118E Fixed bracket R-H
M2293E fixed bracket L-H, M2141D/1 Rocker arm

Stocks of these now low

Original wipac points
For some villiers motors and other makes

£12.50, S3910, SO577, other manafactures numbers also apply
Very Low Stock

New ! M1750D Condensors, Remanufactured Under Licence to a Modern High Standard

There are now poor quality pirated remakes being sold, we advise against buying them, You have been warned !


New villiers magneto flywheel covers £9.99
new red n gold VEC badge for same £9.99

New and vintage spark plugs please
contact us here

New 2593 condensors

Brand New HT Leads
Made in the UK using original materials
and the mould Villiers used, Fits 1/2" dia hole


Large bush HT lead
fits 4F, 28B, Mk40, Fits 5/8" dia hole
Original Villiers HT Lead
Push in type bush, Fits 1/2" dia hole
£12.85 23" long
Villiers bike engine HT lead for models 31C, 9E, 32A, 33A, 34A, 36A, 37A
, Supplied with 15" of lead fitted in the bush, £12.85

New Pull Start Gauze


NEW unused old stock SIBA recoils, ALL metal
(NO plastic junk that wont last 5 minutes)
These wud last 40 years easy, unlike modern ones?.

£45 each, few left now

New Honeycombe

Pull Start Covers

New Hinged Flyscreen

Starter Covers

New Flywheel Covers
9D etc - Part number M1580
£7 (Fixing screws x3 £1.99)

New Alloy Starter Cups, 2 Different Sizes
Shallow Cup 1 7/16, Deep Cup 2 1/8
Measurements are overall length