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All new cables are fitted with brass adjusters unless otherwise stated
We can now reproduce certain cables from an old cable used as a pattern


Email quotes only for these

JAP recoil starters, some have JAP logo, some don't, some are in green paint
so it wise to specify which would suit your needs.
These are new unused, mostly found on JAP 34 & 80cc motors & on some seabee outboards


Flat end lever, for 7/8" tube fit, L-H


Ball end lever, for 7/8" tube fit, R-H


Flat end lever, for 1" tube fit, L-H


Flat end lever, for 1" tube fit, R-H


New unused Villiers made throttle levers
to fit 1" OD tube or & 7/8" OD tube


New suffolk throttle levers, 7/8 Tube fit


Villiers recoil starter spring, D10191 & 86-9430


JAP engine starter handles SA3493


New Original Villiers Levers
To Fit 1/2-3/4" or 7/8" Tubes
New amal throttle levers 372/4 & 87-1658
For 7/8" or 3/4" tube fit, State which


New Style Villiers Throttle Lever
to fit 1" dia Tubes, has slightly longer
handle than the ones seen above

Universal Throttle Cable, Std Length 54"
Supplied With X3 Lever End Nipples
3 Different Sizes to Fit Virtually All Levers
Cable to be Cut and Soldered by Customer to fit Your Requirements
Supplied with Cable Adjuster to Fit Villiers Slide Carb (Poss Others) 3/16BSF Thread


Clutch slide type cable adjuster, Threaded part measures 27mm long, 9.6mm diameter
cable entry side takes ferrule 8mm O-D, Large knurled wheel for ease of adjustment
Slotted for ease of inner wire fitting, (No desoldering end nipples)
Suitable for many classic and vintage motorcycles BSA, Norton, Matchless, AJS, etc
Also some garden machinery

New cable support springs, large end 1/4" bore, small end 3/16" bore
Bright silver plated, Large end slides over outer knurled part of cable adjuster


New universal clutch cable, 79.5" long
Cut n solder to your own length required, Includes new steel plated adjuster
1/4 BSF, 3/8 x 3/8 lever nipple, loose outer casing end
Clutch lever end fitting, Stainless inner wire, Usable on loads of motorcycles, and some garden machinery
We will send along with this a piece of solder especially for use on stainless


Allen Scythe Throttle Cable, Std 54" length
Now comes with a brass adjuster which will not rust
unlike the old steel ones

14.49 plus post

Throttle Cables

Governer Connection Type

(Old govenor cables need to be returned
or a 6 charge is made for straight sale)

New universal throttle cable 64" long
Includes, One mid adjuster, Assorted nipples
One step end ferrule, Two end ferrules


Howard Bantam Throttle Cable 61" Length
for use with Slide Carbs


New Chrome Throttle Lever
Centre Fixing Screws


Throttle Cable Ransomes Marquis
Sloper Engine with Amal Carb
37-3/4" Inner Wire Length
could also be used on other amal carb applications


Seagull Outboard Villiers Carb Cable
Stainless Steel Inner, Brass Adjuster
2" Longer than standard


New Brass Cable Adjusters
3/16 BSF Thread
Suitable for all Villiers carbs and cables that use this adjuster

1.25 each

Piggy back, lockable clutch lever, 7/8 tube fit, different design to the one seen on left of this page one line down, longer handle and diff clamp, And cable entry point, Takes 3/8 x 3/8 nipple


Piggy Back lockable Clutch Lever, 7/8" tube fit, 1/4" dia cable end nipple hole


New steel electro plated cable adjusters, 3/16 BSF

0.90p each

Brand New Decompressors


Howard 700 throttle cable


SIBA Recoil starter rope & plastic handle 5.50, Recoil return spring 86-9430


Non lockable clutch or brake lever fits 7/8 OD tube
Bright chrome finish, 9.50 each
Older Style Rope Starter Pull
1/4" dia Rope and Wooden Handle


Starter Rope
43" Lengths


Ball End Starter Rope
Supplied with 6 or 4mm Rope


Ransoms recoil spring H110876


Other machine manufacturers cables also available
throttle, clutch, mowers, rotavators, motorcycles
we can also now help with clutch plates